The corporate magic of Martti Vannas is a rare combination of razor-sharp, observational humor, international wit and award-winning magic. Martti Vannas has over 25 years of experience in the field of corporate entertainment and with over 2 000 shows is one of the most sought after performers in Finland.

His services cover full-evening event-hosting, magic, memory training and coaching in public speaking. Clients range from past presidents and celebrities to top corporations and private engagements. By profession Martti Vannas is a medical doctor using his highly developed skills in human psychology to his work. He is a fluent performer in four languages: Finnish, English, Swedish and German.

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Totte Westerlund
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One-liners of Memory by Martti Vannas M.D.
25 €
World wide shipping included.

One-liners of Memory captures the essence of better memory. It is like gravity – whether or not you believe in it, it still works.

Martti Vannas (M.D.) is a finnish award-winning magican, memory trainer, doctor, author and public speaker. He has helped thousands of people aroud the world to improve their memory.